Need Fish Water Conditioner Help?

I just got betta fish and I have no idea how to mix the water with the conditioner.  I bought some of the bottles of water from Walmart just to get me by so that I know my fish is safe for at least a couple of days until I learn how to do it. Can someone help me figure this out because I have no idea what I’m doing and I just received my beta fish as a gift so I’m trying to take good care of it.

betta waterAnswers:
@ All you have to do is go and buy a water conditioner for fish aquarium water. Walmart actually sells this for very cheap and that’s all you do is read the instructions on the back of the bottle and it will tell you how to mix it with your water from your faucet. This makes the water save for the fish to live in because the chlorine is what is unsafe for the fish. So basically the conditioner dechlorinate the water for the fish to be able to breathe in a living because Karene is the chemical that is deadly to fish. There are other chemicals but the chlorine is the major one that’s why the conditioner helps it so you cannot go without it are your fish will die and I have witnessed it firsthand.

@ What we usually do is fill a 5 gallon bucket of water and let it sit for two days because it dechlorinate it’s on it’s own and that way you don’t have to buy conditioner. If you have a 5 gallon bucket in the holes you can do this and that’s all you have to do is set aside the bucket of water somewhere in your garage or somewhere out of the way. It’s very simple and I would advise a person do this rather than dechlorinated because if you think about it a couple of drops cannot do in fact when you just pour the water right away.

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@ We use the bucket ideas well just because it saves a lot of money on the conditioner and we know that the water is a lot safer because it’s been sitting in a bucket for a couple of days. A lot of people really don’t understand how the dechlorination process works and using the conditioners a lot easier but it is not effective is just letting the water sit in advance before putting it in the tank. And another huge deal is to only do a 50% water change because it is too dramatic on the fish to do any higher of the percentage in that.

@ Yeah you have to watch of water changes and you can’t go over 50% because the fish are used to the water that they are literally in as you speak. Because you need to let their organs get used to the water there in and when you take too much of that away and enter a new water stage that they’re not used to it it’s the body and organs into shock.

@ Reply from Johnathon:
The idea here is to just make sure that the water going into your tank doesn’t have the chemicals that the city puts into the water because it will kill the fish. Things like chlorine and such. For my fish, I just the water sit in buckets for 24 hours because those chemicals aren’t there anymore after 24 hours.

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