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The Tank Talk group is a place where fish keepers can congregate and share there love of this beautiful hobby. John and Lisa will be sharing tons of great KGTropicals content daily so join today!

Group Rules:
1. No advertising businesses in this group. There will now be no tolerance for this, to many times people have been warned about it, they’ve said they’ll never do it again only to spam again a couple days later.
(KGTropicals is the only exception)

2. No advertising of other Facebook groups. This tends to flood the feed with everyone advertising every group under the sun.

3. This group is not age restricted, please refrain from using foul language.

4. NO videos of fish death, no matter what you think these videos are NOT cool!

5. With KGTropicals I have made it my mission to focus my attention on new fish keepers. People know this and many of them follow me because of it. With that in mind there will be ZERO tolerance for members insulting or badgering other members.

6. We all know of the “drama” that tends to pop up in groups and forums. I don’t need to explain what I mean by “drama”, you know what it is. If posts or comments are posted with the specific intent of inciting this type of drama please report it to admin. This is not the place.


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  • So i recently emailed the Government about having asian arowana here in the US. I asked them why not legalize it because there are a lot of breeders now. And here is what they told me…šŸ˜¤šŸ˜¤šŸ˜¤šŸ˜¤

    As Iā€™m sure you already know, the Asian arowana is listed as an endangered species and while some international trade in captive bred Asian arowanas is legally certified by CITES (with a permit) for trade in some nations, the U.S. is not one of them. I’ve also enjoyed keeping gouramis like the dwarf species, three spot, kissing, and more.

    The CA Department of Fish & Wildlife is charged primarily with the management and protection of indigenous CA wildlife. As the arowana is an exotic species, our department has little input regarding laws relating to this species. You may wish to contact the federal, US Fish & Wildlife Service if you desire more detailed information on the federal and international laws that pertain to this fish.

    U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
    Office of Law Enforcement
    2800 Cottage Way, W-2928
    Sacramento, CA 95825-1846
    Phone: (916) 414-6660
    Liz Orme
    CA Department of Fish & Wildlife
    Law Enforcement Division


  • Hopefully I’ll have some help here in an hour or two to get the 125g out of the garage and on the stand. I should have enough hose to get the sump rollin and have some water circulating as well. Stoked. How bout them Cubs!?
  • just in case you get stuck by yourself, put a piece of cardboard under one side of the tank and then lift and drag from the other side. The cardboard will allow the tank to slide on concrete or carpet or whatever. I had to move our 120 and our 125 from our house to my moms and couldn’t get anyone to help that day. It wasn’t fun, but I got it done and so far there have been no ill effects. I would be glad to come help you myself, how far are you from Pittsburgh PA?
  • I have a Group of Fossorochromis Rostratus and I have had NO luck breeding.

    PH – Need to Check, but my tanks are normally near 8 give or take
    Ammonia – 0
    Nitrite – 0
    Nitrate – 20

    I have them in a 6ft, 120gal tank. 1 Dominant Male, 1 Sub Dominant Male and 10 Females.

    The Dominant Male is 7 or so inches, the Sub Dominant Male is 6 or so inches and the Females range between 4 – 7 inches with most of them over 6 inch.

    Now, I have had multiple females more than once, have there vent down and looking like there are ready to breed, but the male is showing ZERO interest. The females never held for me. I pulled the male out and put him in his own tank for a while, since then I have added him back to the group. He seems a little more aggressive now, but still not really showing signs of interest in the females and really no breeding behavior. I currently have 3-4 females who’s vents are starting to drop and I am lost for words as far as the male not showing interest.

    Is he possible not mature enough? I really need some help and direction please. And THANK YOU.

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