Some Betta Fish Name Ideas to Think About

AquariumSo you’ve recently purchased your betta fish and have taken all the proper steps to provide for the best betta fish care. You’ve done your research, bought a nice aquarium, and are feeding only the best food to your betta fish. Because of your responsibility, your betta fish is bound to have a long and healthy life.  But now comes the ultimate question where you can have a little fun…

“What should I name my  betta fish?”

There are a lot of different approaches to picking the perfect name for your betta fish, but one of the best ways to name is to name them after something you enjoy.
Male Betta Fish Names

One of the best ways to name your betta fish is to think about what you like. If you are a movie lover, you could name your male betta after a famous aquatic animal such as Nemo from Finding Nemo, Jaws from Jaws, or Flounder from The Little Mermaid. For real movie buffs you can even name your betta after characters like Steve Zissou (Life Aquatic) or Marko Ramius (Hunt for Red October). Don’t stop with movies though, let your imagination roam with other forms of entertainment media such as video games, books, music, artwork, or even after your favorite sports mascot!

Another great way to name your male betta fish is to create an extremely silly name, as this is a great way to make you smile throughout the day whenever you think of your betta fish! One of the best ways to do this is to simply attach random words together. A formula that I’ve found to work well is to start with a prefix (such as Mr. or Dr.), combine two unrelated works, and end with a suffix (such as “Jr” or “Esquire”). An example might be Dr. Sky Seaweed the Third. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy when naming your betta, you won’t hurt its feelings!

For those a little more serious, one of the most common ways to name a betta fish is to name them after a male relative or friend (females often don’t like the idea!). This is perfect for friends who have moved away or family members who have passed away, but when you still want to keep their memory fresh. It can be quite an honor to have another living creature named after you! Be careful though, as naming a betta fish after a real person may create additional stress if the fish becomes sick or passes away.

Hope this has given you some good ideas and gotten your imagination running, and have fun naming your male betta fish!

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