Setting Up Your Betta Fish Aquarium

The next step is to set up the future home for your betta fish. Assuming that you have opted to go with the more peaceful types of betta, which can live with another betta fish in the same fish bowl, you can then start decorating and buying the tools and equipment needed for your aquarium.

The water that you have to use is tap water, but with precaution that it is not hard water. If it is, try using water treatments to remove contaminants that may harm your fish. You also have to note the water temperature because the betta fish has a specific temperature that it adapts to. Generally, betta fish is a tropical creature, so the temperature has to fall somewhere within that range.

If you are unsure, just observe your betta fish’s behavior once you’ve put it in the fish bowl. They become sluggish if the water is too cold and jumpy when it is too hot.

Decorations like aquatic plants and gravel are options that can be left to the owner. The important thing to remember is that you have to consider the type of betta that you buy. You also have to consider their own environment and behavior. Some male betas tend to build bubble nests during mating season, so you may have to consider areas in the aquarium that can serve that purpose.