Have a Female and Male Betta in Same Tank?

I have one Betta fish that is a male and he seems totally fine and happy. I have this weird hair up my butt to get him a friend that he can play with. Would he play with a female pretty well? Is this allowed or would breeding get in the way with this?

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I would highly advise you not to do this just because the male is so aggressive that it cannot be schooled with any fish. I would not advise any beginner to put a mail beta in a tank with any other fish may be an experienced fish hobbyist could do this but not a beginner. I have personally seen some beta fish that are males in a community tanking they do just fine but it takes a certain scenario.

Of course breeding is going to be an issue! Whatever you put a female in the mail animal together they’re always going to breed and sometimes the male and female don’t get along all the time. It’s a lot like you always being with your wife in the same bedroom you just need some space to yourself or else your going to freak out probably kill your wife. And that’s exactly what the mail will do and it will actually kill the female. And being totally serious here and if you don’t take me serious or believe what I’m saying you’re probably going to end up with some dead fish.

You can keep the females together in schools so maybe that’s something you’d rather do. Although maybe you did say you are ready had one male fish and if that’s the case you’re going to just have to keep them by themselves unless you want to do a little research because you can also put them with tetras I have heard and I get along fine. But it’s a strong know on putting your mail beta fish with any other beta fish and less you split up the tank. I have these little aquarium dividers that work pretty well when you can put a couple of fish in the same tank without them seeing each other.

Just keep the beta fish if he’s a man by himself because that’s how all men like to live anyways is in it. You think he needs a roommate or somebody to play with but you’re actually completely wrong if you want to give him something to do just go get a loan mirror and show himself in the mirror he will get a little bit of agitated.

here is video link. cute male

Do this for like 10 minutes ever couple days and you’ll give him something to do and that is a promise. I have heard of people accidentally leaving the mirror they are and the fish actually dies because you get so much anxiety from it because he thinks it’s another fish so beware of that.


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