How Does Walmart Treat Their Betta Fish?



Christy Z.
I do know that Walmart sells beta fish and I bought a couple of them and have good luck with it but the way that they take care of them I don’t necessarily agree with. Someone told me that when you stack the fish like that up on each other that you’re blocking the actual breathing holes inside of the small containers for the fish so it’s not really morally correct. If you’re taking away oxygen from the fish he would think that that would be killing it but who knows maybe there’s enough oxygen in there for very long time inside of that small aquarium tank.

Kenny U.
You would think that there is not enough oxygen in that little tiny container that they use and when they cover it just can’t exceed any more than what is inside of it. I’m also wondering what the blue stuff is in the water and I’ve been told that that is from the actual fish breeder and that if you see that blue stuff the fishes brand-new orals Walmart has not changed the water whatsoever.

Justin P.
I think different Walmart stores are going to take different care of their fish because it kind of reflects who works in the pet department isn’t it? It would have to say that I’ve seen some Walmarts where the pet department is extraordinary and I’ve been another’s where the fish are almost dying and I’ve even seen a dead fish for sale on the shelves. So to say that they do not take proper care of their fish is kind of thing that shouldn’t be sad because it depends what store in what state you’re talking about.

Leroy A.
What what should matter is that every single Walmart does the same thing and it even if you see one Walmart where they’re not taking proper care of the fish then it kind of says entire name for all the Walmarts doesn’t it. You should have a training program for these customers and employees that the employees have to take care of these with proper care precautions. Because of their harming animals even if they are smallest fish it is still the same as a huge elephant is it because an animal is an animal.

Nathan A.
Are you guys really talking about just fish and how you guys care about the little tiny fish if they live or die. How about all the dogs out there that are missed treated at Humane Society’s name that would be an issue even talk about more or less than the little tiny fish that what he cares about. I don’t want to sound mean or anything but these fish Bredette such a Highrock great that they’re almost like millions of them and working to complain about one little fish.

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