Buying a Betta Fish, Helpful Info

First things first, you have to remember that, when buying a betta fish, you will encounter several species of the same fish type. The most common and most known breed of betta fish is the Siamese fighting fish, which is well-known for its aggressiveness and vibrant colors.

Off the bat, you should already know that a Siamese fighting fish needs space. If you are dealing with a male Siamese fighting fish, you will have to keep it in a separate bish bowl by itself, this is because male Siamese fighting fish become very aggressive in the presence of another betta In fact, seeing its own reflection can make it more aggressive.

This is why they are kept in one fish bowl, for one will surely die if two males are kept together. This is not the case with female Siamese fighting fish because they are less aggressive towards another female betta. However, precautionary measures dictate that your aquarium should have ample hiding places for female bettas in case you are thinking of keeping several female bettas together.

The Siamese fighting fish is just one type of betta fish. As you can see, the behavior for each type is different, so you have to do some research on the particular type that you would want to own. Coming to the store prepared with what you want to buy will help because you will have fewer problems in trying to set up a home and caring environment for your pet betta.