Aquarium Monsters are Hard to Keep

Thread: Kinda sad today because I learned a hard lesson. All I can say is research every fish before you buy. Fish stores lie. I have two beautiful monsters in my tank that I love but can’t house permanently. Wth is wrong with store’s so so wrong. Freshwater sharks catfish, shouldn’t be sold as pets ever.

  • Crazy I even said I only have 30g tank they look very active are you sure they will be OK? Reply thirty is perfect. jerk’s.
  • I know I feel the same way because when I was just starting out keeping fish I went to a local fish store and askfor a bottom feeder and they sold me a pictus catfish week later I notice my fish with disappearing little did I know he was eating my fish.
  • Not one more species tell I know everything about them.
  • yeah it really sucks, especially when they try to sell them to kids who want cool looking fish :/ same goes for redtail catfish.
  • Lfs like pet-smart or petco will tell you anything just so they get stock off the shelves! Around where I live those fish that you have are called iridescent sharks. And yes they can get up to 3 feet long in captivity. At full maturity they should only be put in no smaller than a 400 gallon aquarium.
  • This hobby has feeling stupid more times then not, but the happiness makes me not want to give up.
  • Never give up! Just do a ton of research about the species of fish that you want to get and school these lfs people if they tell you wrong information.
  • Sucks. I love these guys so much. Had one in 100 gallons and was beautiful. Husbands ex put bleach in our tank and we lots everything.
    Was going to replace then I educated myself more and will never do again.
  • We’ve all been sold unsuitable fish before. I got sold a tiger shovel nose cat when I started out, after saying I’ve only got a 55gal tank lol.
  • Any ideas what I should do with them? is there any way we can stop LFS from selling them?
  • After about three months… And he’s still growing almost a foot now. And he cleans the tank sure but I have to vacuum a lot cuz he poops more than any fish I have seen. This hobby is all about mistakes and learning in the beginning huh?
  • Yeah I was window shopping at pet smart for stuff to start a tank up and a guy asked the sales person about the red tailed cat… guy said yeah that’s perfect for a 20gal tank… I walked over to the guy and showed him a picture of how big they get… he went to the manager and told him his people working in fish department need to learn about what they are selling because your sales person just told me a 3-5 foot fish can live it’s entire life in a 20 gallon tank.
  • So my tank light went out. I figured it’s the best time to replace the whole light not just the bulb. What’s the best for a 75 gallon cichlids tank?
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